Permutable AI Unveils Top and Bottom Companies Perceived for Corporate Behaviour 2024 Rankings

Permutable AI unveils top and bottom companies perceived for corporate behaviour 2024 rankings, employing advanced AI-driven sentiment analysis. Top-performing companies include Oracle, Schneider Electric, and Microsoft, reflecting a trend towards tech dominance and sustainability recognition. Johnson & Johnson, Walt Disney and J P Morgan Chase rank bottom reflecting challenges in healthcare, entertainment, and finance, emphasizing the critical importance of transparency and ethical practices.

London, – None -, United Kingdom, 31st Jan 2024 – Permutable AI, a leader in AI-driven business intelligence, presents a groundbreaking analysis of its top and bottom companies perceived for corporate behaviour 2024 rankings, providing valuable trends and insights into perceptions of corporate conduct. These rankings are meticulously curated through Permutable AI’s advanced AI-driven news sentiment analysis, offering a data-driven and unbiased perspective on the corporate landscape.

Top Perceived Companies for Corporate Behaviour:

  Company Industry Data Score 
1 Oracle  Software and Cloud Services  1493.85
2 Scheider Electric  Energy Management and Automation 1493.01



Technology and Software  1314.39
4 Siemens Industrial Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare 1025.38
5 Cisco Networking and Information Technology



6 SAP Enterprise Software and Solutions 743.35
7 Equinix Data Centers and Interconnection 664.67
8 IBM Information Technology and Consulting 659.52
9 Volvo Automotive and Transportation 649.68
10 VMWare Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure 622.56

Bottom Perceived Companies for Corporate Behaviour: 

  Company Sector  Data Score 
1 Johnson & Johnson Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals  – 121.32
2 Walt Disney Co Entertainment – 114.91

JP Morgan Chase 


Financial Services  – 77.25
4 Facebook  Internet – 63.97 
5 Netflix Entertainment 

– 63.25


6 Eisai  Pharmaceuticals -59.18
7 Deutsche Bank  Financial Services  -44.11
8 Tesla Automotive and Energy -37.71
9 Beigene Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals  -32.21
10 Tesco  Retail and Grocery -17.34

Top Perceived Companies for Corporate Behaviour: Trends and Insights 

Tech Dominates: The top five spots are dominated by technology companies, showcasing the public’s growing appreciation for responsible behaviour in this crucial sector. Oracle secures the top spot, thanks to its unwavering focus on data privacy and security.

Sustainability Makes a Mark: Schneider Electric, renowned for energy management solutions, and Siemens, with a strong commitment to clean technology, illustrate the increasing recognition of sustainability efforts in corporate behaviour.

Surprises: Volvo’s presence in the top ten, amidst automotive industry challenges, reflects its dedication to safety and ethical labour practices. VMWare’s inclusion underscores the growing importance of data security and infrastructure responsibility in the cloud era.

Bottom Perceived Companies for Corporate Behaviour: Trends and Insights

Controversial Industries: Healthcare and pharmaceuticals face public scrutiny, with Johnson & Johnson and Eisai receiving criticism for pricing practices and drug safety concerns.

Entertainment Under Fire: In the entertainment sector, Disney’s recent political activism and Netflix’s content controversies have led to lower corporate behaviour rankings. These challenges underscore the importance of aligning business practices with societal expectations to maintain positive public perception and brand support.

Financial Sector Struggles: JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank grapple with negative perception.  This id due to concerns around transparency, accountability, and adherence to ethical standards and criticisms surrounding questionable lending practices, controversial investments, and executive compensation structures.

Surprises: Facebook’s ranking lower than Netflix, despite ongoing data privacy concerns, might indicate recognition of Netflix’s content initiatives on diversity and social issues. Tesla’s presence, despite positive environmental contributions, highlights challenges in balancing green credentials with labour concerns.

Overall Observations:

Transparency and Ethical Practices Matter: Companies demonstrating transparency, data privacy, and commitment to sustainability and social responsibility are rewarded with higher rankings, a trend identified through our AI’s deep understanding of news sentiment.

Industry Impact: Different sectors face varied levels of public scrutiny, with technology and entertainment particularly sensitive to ethical considerations.

Surprises Highlight Complexities: Unexpected inclusions and positions underscore the multifaceted nature of corporate behaviour and the dynamic nature of public perception, as unveiled by nuanced analysis.

Wilson Chan, CEO of Permutable AI, commented:

“Our rankings, derived from advanced AI-driven news sentiment analysis, provide an unparalleled understanding of corporate behaviour. Leveraging the power of AI, we bring transparency and valuable insights into the intricate landscape of public perception, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions and fostering corporate accountability.”

Talya Stone, CMO of Permutable AI, added, “Beyond the rankings, the AI-driven news sentiment analysis can be applied in various use cases, such as monitoring brand reputation, guiding investment decisions, and aiding in risk assessment strategies across different industries. These insights are essential for stakeholders, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and fostering a culture of corporate accountability. “

Permutable AI continues its commitment to elevating ethical standards in the corporate realm, a mission in harmony with the promotion of transparency, sustainability, and responsible AI practices. The company invites industry stakeholders, investors, and the public to explore the rich insights offered by these rankings, empowering them to make informed decisions that foster corporate accountability.

About Permutable AI 

Permutable AI  is an award-winning leader in the field of AI-powered market intelligence. Founded in 2020 by Wilson Chan, Permutable AI is dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of data and business intelligence through cutting-edge AI technology. Our mission is to empower businesses, investors, and decision-makers with world-leading insights, transforming the way they approach investment, trading, risk analysis, ESG and supply chains. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly marrying trading strategies, ESG risk analysis, supply chain due diligence and our impact work to provide unparalleled solutions.

At Permutable AI, we envision a future where businesses harness the power of AI not only to gain a competitive edge, but also contribute to positive global change. We aim to be the driving force behind this transformation by integrating advanced AI technologies into our combined stack. This fusion of trading strategies, ESG analysis, supply chain due diligence and impact work not only gives our clients a powerful competitive advantage but also promotes corporate transparency on sustainability and ESG issues. Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in both business strategies and global sustainability efforts.

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